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The Brutal Method That Scalps The Competition and Crams $64,131.81 A Month Into Your ClickBank Account, At The Low End

It's simple. It's savage. It's fast. It's seriously bad for the health of any competitor who dares take you on. 

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Apply This Simple Plan And Tear The Hair Out Of Any Competitor Who Stands In The Way Of Your Affiliate Domination

It's time to assault the opposition... before they even know you're coming.

From: PPC Scalper

Future Competition Scalper,

Why do people gripe about Google™?

You'll find a ton of people online who bash Google™ as a bunch of thieves reaching into your pocket to steal your profits when you advertise.

Those people are completely missing the point.

They bash Google™ because they don't know how to use it to dominate their markets and rake in profits that'll make them feel like Donald Trump. And when people don't understand something, they badmouth it to make other people think they know what they're talking about.

Well, we're here to tell you that Google™ isn't the bad guy.

Claiming Google™ is at fault when some ignorant advertisers lose their shirts on runaway ad campaigns is like blaming a gun manufacturer when somebody gets shot. Guns don't shoot people—people do!

In the same way, Google™ doesn't steal money from people—they're own ignorance is what costs them. The truth hurts, but we're not going to soften the blow.

So the bad news is that ignorance of how to use Google™ can leave you destitute and frustrated. But here's the good news...

We'll Show You How To Use Google™ To Slaughter Your Opposition And Get Away With It

Google™ is a tool, not some magic genie in a bottle.

If you try to use it without knowing how, it'll be like picking up a running chainsaw by the sharp end. Not a smart move.

But if you know what you're doing, you'll be slicing through your competition like a hot knife through butter.

Think about it this way...

Ever seen a movie with somebody who really knows how to use a weapon? We mean really knows how to use it.

His opponents don't have a prayer. He owns them. They can't run away fast enough, and they certainly can't fight back. It doesn't matter what they do, he's going to eat them for breakfast. He might not even break a sweat.

We're going to give you the training you need to wield Google™ like a killer blade.

Scalping Means FEAR

Scalping is known for its brutality and speed.

In the Middle Ages, warriors scalped their enemies to claim a trophy to prove their fighting prowess. From the ancient Greeks to settlers in North America, scalping terrified people.

But here's the part polite history books sometimes skip past. Warriors took the scalp before they took the life.

The person being scalped stared death full in the face. He knew what was going to happen. He felt the fear.

We're going to give you the power to make your market competition wake up in a cold sweat at night ...because they're afraid you're coming for them.

Introducing PPC Scalper...
The Terrible Tool Your Competition Will
Fear Most In Your Hands

We weren't always cold-blooded competition scalpers. We tried to be nice and "compete" like the rule books said. That seemed only fair. Then it dawned on us...

Competition isn't fair. You don't have to be unethical, or break any laws. But if you're in the battle to win, you have to fight like defeat is not an option. That means being brutally ruthless when you have to be.

PPC Scalper shows you our exact method of fighting to win, so you don't have to get scalped like we did before you learn how to fight back.

We've honed this to near perfection. It's deadly. Your competitors will be powerless to resist. You'll roll over them like a wild banshee on the prowl. You'll be feared and whispered about like a dark shadow that attacks in the night...

  • You'll learn how to sneak up on your competition in their cozy little markets where they suspect nothing...and swoop down on them like a whirlwind
  • We'll give you traffic tactics that will make your visitors do your bidding for maximum profit
  • When you're done, you'll be armed with ruthless strategies few other people know or even imagine are possible (this is not anything you've heard before)—and may the bloodletting begin!

Saying this gives you a competitive advantage is like saying Genghis Kahn had a temper. This is total competitive domination on an unprecedented scale. We don't believe in being dainty in the online profit war.

And here's the dirty little secret your competitors have fought like wounded animals to keep you from finding out...

Your Competition Wants You Distracted By...

The Google™ Bashing

They like it when you're so preoccupied with the smoke and mirrors that you can't focus on the fact that they're eating your lunch.

If they distract you from what really counts, they'll preserve their own income. That's how they like it.

Think about an illusionist who invites somebody up on stage and proceeds to steal the guy's watch...

take off his belt...

pick his pocket...

and make a complete fool of the poor fellow in public.

That's exactly what your competition will do to you if you let them. That's business. Your competitors aren't in this game to make you rich. They want to cut you off at the knees and line their own pockets.

But they can't do that when you're armed and prepared like you should be.

We'll Give You A Razor Sharp Knife...

And Ambush Instructions

If you knew how to use Google™ like we do, your competitors would live in cringing fear.

That's because they'll be helpless as you mow them down and claim your battle trophies. But it's also true for another reason almost nobody will tell you...

Your competitors probably have no clue what they're doing.

Years ago, you could throw up just about any website with grotesque looking text and a few dancing monkeys and retire to the beach. Those days are gone...sort of.

There are still markets where even some of the big players have been merrily making profits because nobody with savage scalping skill has invaded their territory yet. They've played the game and given people the impression they're experts.

Not even close. And when you get through with them, you'll be laughing and they'll feel like they were trampled by a charging bull elephant.

Maybe you don't believe us when we make that claim. We can understand that. Because you see...

We Got Distracted, Just Like You

We're not proud of it, but it's true.

We won't bore you with our life story, but see if you can check off any of these:

  Have you wasted time learning how to write the "perfect" ad ...instead of writing one and refining it based on results?
  Have you ever felt helpless and desperate because you couldn't seem to drive a single visitor to your website?
  Have you ever felt like you're shooting in the dark when you "choose" affiliate products to promote ...knowing full well that you have no idea what you're doing?
  Have you ever thought Google™ was part of some conspiracy to cheat you out of your advertising dollars?
  Have you ever felt completely stuck because everybody was telling you how "it takes time" to make money online?

Us too. And let us tell you from experience...that's all part of the smoke and mirrors plan your competitors want you to fall for.

We swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Not to put it too graphically, but we pretty much handed our competition a machete and invited them to scrape the hair off our skulls.

As you can imagine, that got old fast. It was miserable being at their mercy.

That's when we took a step most people never do. We decided enough was enough...but we didn't quit. Instead, we promised ourselves that we would get our own knife and learn how to use it.

After years of honing our battle skills to the point where we can be ruthless killing machines on command, we finally had the method we're going to reveal to you.

For a while, like most people, we were lulled to sleep so our competitors could attack us. But here this loud and clear...

PPC Scalper Will Wake You Up!

There's no reason you can't assault your markets like we assault ours.

There's no reason you can't become the knife-wielding terror our competitors fear whenever we target them.

PPC Scalper gives you the complete, brutally effective method we use to make mincemeat of whoever we attack.

We're going to show you:

  • Hidden tactics that put us in complete control all the time, without being subject to the whims of the competition, or the market, or even Google™'s changing rules (which does indeed happen)
  • The way we recruit Google™ as our paid assassin...but we also pay bottom dollar for this cold blooded killer's services
  • Our simple formula for entering any niche market through the back door, so we take everybody by surprise


We won't reveal it all here (more on why in just a minute), but here's a little peek inside so you can see what you'll discover...

Our "Vulcan Death Grip" strategy. This combat grip can kill a grown man in an instant, and the technique we've named after can annihilate your opposition in one simple move.
A simply devious way to spy on how a competitor's ads are performing to discover who's letting their guard down so you can attack. They had better start looking over their shoulder...
The approach you must use to write killer ad copy. If you use this, you'll destroy your competitors by stealing all the high-quality prospects for yourself. If you don't use it...well, let's just say you'll have to settle for crumbs others leave behind.
Our shocking technique that allows us to pay Google™ 90% less for our ads. Google™ isn't the enemy, but there's no reason you can't keep your costs to a minimum. Your competition will hate that you know this secret, especially when they probably don't.
The precise way to know what your marketing costs will be for virtually any campaign, up front. We'll shows you exactly how to avoid losing a dime in the critical early stages, while your opposition will be hemorrhaging cash with "trial and error".
How to get your ads in the Google™ "sweet spot". This can mean the difference between struggling and having your way with any market you choose. We'll give you a simple way to compare sales to costs and target the winners with surgical precision. And we'll show you how to get your ads ranked above the competition, even when they pay through nose for their clicks trying to beat you. We've never revealed these underground bidding tactics before.
How to triple your targeted traffic from ads in 24 hours. No, we're not kidding. We'll show you how to get more than 7 out of 10 readers to click through to any site you wants. This strategy alone can mean the difference between being massacred or emerging triumphant. And speaking of traffic...
A little trick we call Traffic Confluence. It lets you steal other people's traffic and herd it wherever you choose. Watch them gape as their profits disappear. Your competitors will be fuming! And we'll show you Traffic Triangulation, which lets you manipulate every visitor you get for maximum return.
How to use Google™ image ads to snowball your highly qualified clicks. Market domination becomes brain dead easy when you control the cumulative clicks in your market...and we'll show you how to dominate eyeballs like you won't believe.
The easy way to put your keyword research on fast-forward. You'll be shocked at how fast and easy it can be. Now more toiling for days or weeks to find keywords that will pay off.
The trick to harnessing "goldmine keywords". These are the nuggets that bring in a relentless torrent of profits that will make your eyes (and your bank account) bulge.
How to choose affiliate products to promote...with no guesswork. We lay out the priorities for you. Following these is guaranteed to get things rolling. As much as it sounds like a cliche, a strategically chosen product does virtually sell itself.
A simple way to locate and promote products that take you almost zero time to create. We'll show you how to leverage private label rights (PLR) and master resale rights (MRR) products for absolutely stupendous profits.
The specific features you need on landing pages to make them insanely profitable for as long as you want. An effective landing page lowers your ad costs and increases your conversions, which can blast your profits sky high.
How to create your own product and start seeing profit from it in 24 hours. You don't have to wait years, or months, or weeks, or even days to start making serious money online. You might not even have to wait one day.

With this breathtakingly easy method, you'll be so dangerous that your opposition will be like putty in your hands.

There's no shortage of stuff out there that claims to give you a competitive advantage. But PPC Scalper is like nothing you've ever seen before. We know that's true because it's like nothing we've ever seen before we figured this out.

In short, this is going to make Google™ a deadly weapon in your hands.

You see, we've used the word "scalp" on this page on purpose. The idea of scalping is about more than just a mental image of how you'll steal traffic and sales your competitors thought belonged to them alone.

Each letter in the word stands for a component of our method ...a step that's absolutely critical to your online marketing success.

Actually, you can think of the word as a code. Each letter stands for a wealth domain that will let you dominate your market so completely, so utterly, that you'll develop a thirst for blood in other areas. And you'll know how to dominate them too.

So "scalp" is more than a word. It's also a top-secret acronym that means the difference between abysmal failure online and wild, dominant success that will make you the stuff of legend.

Why Won't We Reveal It Here?

Good question, and it deserves an honest answer.

We could shut up the naysayers here, but we won't. We refuse to reveal the method here because it's quite simply too dangerous to do that.

If this got out and people used it rashly or greedily, entire marketing careers all over the world might collapse in a heap. And frankly, it would weaken our methods and cut the profit potential.

That's why we're keeping the knife in the sheath, so to speak, and only revealing it to our members. We want to give them the PPC Scalper game plan with it's effectiveness set at maximum, because we know only the truly ambitious and smart will have the courage to take out the knife and use it.

But here's what we can say if you have that courage...

Your Day Job Is Not Long For This Earth

We know that's a bold claim. It's not one we make lightly.

But PPC Scalper is about being as brutal and savage as scalping was. This is a fight, and we're in it to win. You should be too. The good news is that victory is all about some simple math.

Look at one of those daily earnings reports we showed you earlier. One at the bottom end of what PPC Scalper lets you do. Even barely using the deadly weapon we'll give you can generate $64,131.81 in a month, or $2,137.27 per day on average. Multiply that's $769,582 per year. That's not a typo. It's not an exaggeration. It's real.

We don't care what job you have. If you're reading this, you're almost certainly not making that much in a year.

But here's the shocking truth:

  • That "month" was a short one. We didn't start the marketing massacre until halfway through the month. If you started at the beginning, you could reasonably double your $1,539,163 per year.
  • That's just one of our multiple accounts. Now the numbers get really big.
True, that's only possible when you have the right deadly weapon and you know how to use it. But suppose you aren't very good at it yet and you make a fraction of what the potential is. Would a tenth of $634,215 every year change your life forever? You bet it would.

If you're good at your current job, your boss needs to be very afraid ...because you won't be there long.


PPC Scalper is based upon a simple,
yet extraordinary maxim...


Scalping is known for its brutality and speed. In ancient times, enemies were scalped alive, aware of their own demise.

So too will Google™ watch helplessly as its own systems and channels are manipulated and re-shaped into weapons of profitability…

So too will your competitors tear out their hair as you steal traffic and sales that they thought belonged to them alone…

And the idea of SCALPING goes further than that. You will use this principle to dominate PPC marketing arenas the world over. It is your first taste of the truth – you’ll develop a thirst for blood and profits will be yours!

For now, let’s just say that SCALP is more than a word... it’s also a top-secret acronym that means the difference between dismal failure and wild, wealthy success

Each little letter in the S.C.A.L.P. code stands for something absolutely critical and integral to your online marketing future. Each letter is a domain of wealth that is ready to be discovered…

Within all these domains – and we refuse to spell out the framework here – you will discover a wealth of super tactical solutions that are breathtakingly easy to manipulate and implement. The reason we can’t give you a complete breakdown of the SCALP method here is that it’s quite simply too dangerous. Used rashly or greedily, and PPC campaigns everywhere might unravel.

So you need maximum information. You need to be assured of the quality and integrity of the PPC Scalper game plan. So we’ve kept it secure for members’ eyes only, because we know only the truly ambitious and smart will have the courage to access this phenomenal new system.

If there’s to be a bloodletting, arm yourself with whatever knowledge you can.

Shield yourself with the power of PPC Scalper.

How Much Would You Pay For Financial Freedom?

We could offer you the chance to gloat over your vanquished foes. That might not appeal to you, though (or maybe it does).

But we are definitely offering you the opportunity to wield Google™ like a deadly scalping knife and claim your own battle trophies.

We can't really put a price on the freedom that comes from making more money in a month than most people make in a year. We can't tell you what that would be worth to you, because we don't know the details of your life.

If you "only" made enough to replace your current income, which would allow you to work at home on your schedule, what would that be worth to you?
  • Imagine not having to ask somebody else's permission to take a day off...or a vacation.
  • Imagine having shocking income pour in every single day ...without you having to lift a finger to keep it going.
  • Imagine never missing family time again.
  • Imagine being able to buy what you want, when you want it...and never finance another dime that creditors can hound you about.

    This is reality for anyone who knows how to scalp the opposition with Google. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it's nowhere close to one. We won't show you pictures of our houses or cars or vacation spots. Use your imagination and dream of your own.

    That life can indeed be yours. Yes, we want to make a profit with this or we wouldn't be selling it. We're scalpers, not a charity. But we want that success for you, so we're going to put it in your hands.

    We could charge $397 for this and laugh at ourselves for giving it away. That's what we planned on doing. But we changed our minds.

    You'll get PPC Scalper for only $, check that. If we're going to arm the next generation of elite scalpers, we're going to scandalize the market.

    You'll get PPC Scalper for only $97, or over 75% less than what we originally planned. And we're going to eliminate every last ounce of risk on your part by offering you this:

Start Scalping Your Competition...
Or Scalp Us

We fully understand some of you reading this may be skeptical, so we'll make this opportunity completely RISK-FREE for you with our 100% ironclad personal guarantee.

You don't have to make a final decision now. Just try PPC Scalper manual for 60 days. If at any time during that period you want to return it, you can, with the no-hassle 100% full refund guaranteed by ClickBank. That's as fair as we know how to be. We want you to scalp the competition...but we refuse to scalp you.

After using the manual, if you don't believe it is everything we say it is then simply email us and ask for your money back. You'll get all of it. And you can keep the profits you made in the full 60 days you got to use PPC Scalper for free.

We Want You Absolutely Satisfied!

Which is why we are going to make the deal
even sweeter...

Special Bonus

The Incredible Secret That Will
Generate Over $250 Every Day Of
The Week, Virtually On Autopilot,
For Less Than 30 Minutes Of Work

If you join PPC Scalper today, we'll also reveal the super duper, uber genius lazy man strategy that made one of my customers $15,000 in the last 2 months and it took him literally 30 minutes of "work" to do it.

And that 30 minutes of pushing buttons brings in about $250 every day. It takes no maintenance, no website, almost nothing. Hands down, easiest cash on the net EVER!

Yes, by being one of the first 50 members, you will receive this secret... and when I say "secret", I mean secret. No one teaches this method!

I'm not kidding when I said this is by far the easiest thing anyone could ever do on the Internet for quick money. In fact, just hearing the little 5 minute spiel about how simple this actually can be for you is worth $1,000 by itself.

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If carnage is imminent (and the market is indeed cutthroat these days), become the predator instead of the prey. PPC Scalper arms you to the teeth, and teaches you how to stalk and scalp your competition ...before they can even react.

Isn't it time you did?

Yes Andrew and Steven,
I want my own scalping knife so I can
start terrorizing my opposition...

  I want to be the predator instead of waiting to be ambushed by my competitors...who will do it eventually.
  I want to wield Google™ like a deadly weapon, and not be distracted by the Google™ bashing anymore.
  I know you're taking all the risk, and that your $97 price will vanish once your war party is full...


ORDER PPC Scalper FOR $97!

Buy our PPC Scalper training manual and use it for a full sixty days - if it does not do what we claim it to do then at any time during those 60 days we will give you your money back
no questions asked.

Once your credit card is approved, you will be immediately able to access the manual and start massacring Google™ straight away.

Click the link below, and witness the PPC Scalper...


P.S. If you've always wondered how Google™ "experts" make eye-popping incomes while you sweat for pennies, now you know. They scalp their competition with no remorse. We've proven it ourselves. PPC Scalper teaches you how to wield the Google™ knife like a savage competition killer, and you can start minutes from now.

P.P.S.We are taking all the risk. You have a full 60 days to prove to yourself that this is the strategy that will put you over the top. There is zero downside here...

Arming you for your own PPC Scalper,

Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones

PPC Scalper


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